Monday, September 28, 2020
Meet the Team

By the time the Cock crows our Team is enjoying a nice cup of coffee, after having filled the fridges with delicious meats and checking up on the process of our aging meat.

As a team we value accountability, strong ethical values and loyalty. We have spent years of dedication to custom build a successful business.“We strive to create a working culture that reflects pride, passion and professionalism in every area of our operation...”

We uphold human values and are committed to the development of our staff so that they can reach their full potential in a challenging environment. To obtain these goals we encourage an open-door communication policy to integrate management and our staff.

Meet some of our Team Members

  • Gert Kruger – since 1979 is involved in the daily management responsibilities and focuses on procurement, supplier relationships and quality control. After more than 30years he is still involved on a daily basis to ensure continuity and hands on management.
  • Hennie Ehlers – he joined in 1981, he’s responsible for our customer service and counter management. He is happiest when his customers are satisfied and making sure his team makes it an unforgettable shopping experience for the customer.
  • Marietjie Kruger the ever stylish and graceful partner since 1979 has been proving that behind every successful man is an extraordinary woman – proving to help manage the office and making sure every cent is spent well and accounted for.
  • Chris Snyman has worked at La Oma since 1989. He started off as a block man and has slowly worked his way up the Meat chain to become a Senior Manager and Shareholder, taking management and procurement to a whole new level.
  • Piet Bester has worked at La Oma since 1997. He too started off as a block man and is now Senior Floor Manager focusing on customer satisfaction and counter management.
  • Hettie Kruger – joined the family business in 2009 as General Manager. She brought along a wealth of knowledge and experience. Having been very successful in International Corporate structures, Property development and management of Financial and Business operations La Oma’s team welcomed her input and foresight.
We are proud to announce that we have over 150 management years and more of combined service in the meat’s!

There are some La Oma employees that have been with the company since 1980 and even their children are now in our employ thus keeping it in the family.  Our other valuable staff members joined later in the family tree as early as 1998 of La Oma making our Team a formidable one!